Technical support services

Information on technical support services and regulations

REGULATION of technical support

§1 Support Policy


  1. If the inquiry does not relate to emergency situations requiring immediate resolution, or if the answer to your question is already contained in the Instructions provided in the Knowledge Base, the inquiry will be charged, as described below or in a message from the administrator.
  2. Our company does not provide customers with the option of contacting by phone to solve problems or ask questions.
  3. Any questions or doubts regarding our services or products can be submitted through a ticket in the client panel or via email.
  4. To contact our company, you should create a ticket in the client panel or send an email to the address provided on our website.
  5. In response to the inquiry, our company will endeavor to provide a response as quickly as possible.
  6. If necessary, our company may propose an additional form of contact, such as a video conference or a meeting at your company's office.
  7. All information provided by clients is treated as confidential and protected in accordance with applicable law.
  8. Our company reserves the right to refuse to answer questions that violate the privacy of others, contain inappropriate content, or are unrelated to our business.
  9. This policy is intended to ensure transparent and effective communication with our clients and protect their privacy.



§2 Additional Services

The cost of one hour of additional services is determined in accordance with the purchased package, calculated from the start of each half hour*.

*Note: Opening a ticket is counted as a minimum of 0.5 hours.



  1. If the inquiry involves, for example, creating 1 email account (pricing time 10 min), then ihostmi will calculate the ticket time for 0.5 hours.
  2. If the inquiry involves creating 3 email accounts (total 30 min), then ihostmi will still calculate the ticket time for 0.5 hours.
  3. If the inquiry contains many tasks to be done, clock time is calculated from the start of work on the ticket to completion, calculated every 0.5 hours.


When creating tickets, please keep this in mind and try to combine tasks to be done into a list.

Below is an attachment with a list of additional services

List of Additional Services